Since its foundation in 1975, thanks to a steady management through the years and sure of its own choices, Reguitti took a significant strides in the development of its production. The will and the ability of the firm to satisfy the specific request of its customers have allowed the realization of hundred of different brass items: doors handles and a more and more immense range of accessories for the frames and house furnishings, directed whether to the national market or to the foreign one. Precise service at excellent conditions, flexibility of the production, professionalism and competence of the operators, together with a strict and scrupulous control of the finishes are Reguitti’s characteristics. These characteristics are essential in a field where the competition does not allow any kind of indecision and approximation. Also the introduction of strict rules, which guarantee the value of the item, have been positively welcomed by a firm, always involved in the research of a better quality and assistance. The results achieved after 25 years of experience show it well. The constant increase of the sales have stimulated important investments in the most modern technology of processing. This increase is confirmed also by the progressive widening of the factory, that with the new building extends on over 10.000 square meters.