The rediscovery of arts and crafts Historical categories and critical classifications – especially those regarding the heroic period of modernism – are losing their meaning in this end of the century (or end of the millennium). What seems to finally be emerging in awareness that rather than technologies, industrial processes or sociological conditioning, it is an autonomous design culture that determines the forms of objects. It is necessary to act, as designers and as manufacturers, outside of any predetermined schemes; the only constraints are function, economy, and beauty. Don’t be fooled by the variety of forms and connotations of the objects produced by Olivari. These products are the result of meticulous research, of decisions pondered and discussed at length. The main concern of the company and of the designers called upon to participate is not the sterile pursuit of novelty for its own sake. It is to discover, through persistent study, new paths for the relationship between man and architecture, even in the simple interface of hand and handle: our small, humble, indispensable everyday sculpture.