AHI Hardware

AHI Hardware is distinguished by its outstanding design, high quality and competitive pricing. The synergy between these three components is at the very core of our company. We strive to provide a broad, well designed range of products that consumers can be proud of. Gone are the days when door hardware was an afterthought. AHI is proud to offer an extensive modern line of door hardware for residential and commercial applications.

North America’s largest selection of stainless steel levers with over 66 levers in stock in our Montreal based warehouse. Our emphasis on affordable, high quality products extends to our wide range of barn door systems, entry grip sets, sliding door locks, flush pulls, door pulls, backplates and other related accessories. We want you to be proud when people walk through your doors.

Those who know us know that AHI is synonymous with customer service. We place utmost importance when it comes to our clients. Why not give us a call now.